The Machine Intelligence and Electronic Design Automation Lab (MEDALab) group is headed by Prof.Dr. Tulay YILDIRIM and includes members of academic staff and research students. Research covers several areas, under which many projects and theses are in progress. The research topics covered by the group are:


  • *Intelligent algorithms and structures for efficient data and image processing
  • *Modelling and design of electronic circuits using intelligent systems
  • *Syber security and biometric systems
  • *Biomedical applications of intelligent systems
  • *Hardware implementations of intelligent systems
  • *Neural hardware


There are two working groups under  this laboratuary:


  • *Intelligent Systems  and Electronic Design Automation
  • *Syber Security and Biometric Systems


Reconfigurable System Design Laboratuary

The studies in Reconfigurable System Design Laboratuary is coordinated by Assist. Prof. Dr. Burcu ERKMEN. Undergraduate and graduate level FPGA based many projects are realized in RSD Lab. The projects realized on FPGA are listed below:


         * Intelligent Algorithms

         * Optimization Algorithms

         * Various Applications for the use of external peripherals

         * Control Applications


Fast & Efficient Logical Infra-Structure Laboratory (FELISLAB)