Our university was founded in 1911 with the name "Conductor School" under the Ministry of Public Works and based on the curriculum of  "Ecol de Conductor" in Paris. The name of the school was changed to "Public Works Science School" in 1925. The University was handed over to the Ministry of Education and renovated in 1937 and continued its existence as a Technical School. Although there were only civil engineering and mechanical engineering departments at the beginning, the electrical engineering and architecture departments were founded in 1942. In 1943, the school has become a four-year-university-education body.


The technical school was renovated and renamed as “Istanbul Government Engineering and Architectural Academy”  in June 3, 1969, and obtained an institutional and educational identity. In July 20, 1982 Istanbul Government Engineering and Architectural Academy and Kocaeli Government Engineering and Architectural Academy were merged and reconstructed as “Yildiz University”. Kocaeli Engineering Faculty and Kocaeli Vocational High School were separated from the university and the name of the university become “Yildiz Technical University” in July 11, 1992.


The department of Electronics and Communications Engineering has founded in 1982. The department was located in the Yildiz campus at the beginning, but moved to the Ayazaga campus in 1984. The department was returned to the Yildiz campus in 1998. Our department moved to its final destination in Davutpasa campus to a new building built for the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty in August 2011.


Our department provides approximately 200 students with high education each year with its constantly improving infrastructure and with its growing members of the faculty. The department currently has approximately 770 undergraduate students. The language of the education is Turkish. Beginning with the 2010-2011 season, complying the procedures defined by Higher Education Body (YOK in Turkish), and the curriculum has included 30% of the courses conducted in English. The graduates of the department had obtained “Electronics and Communications Engineer” title until 2005. Since 2005-2006 season, the graduates have obtained their diplomas including the expression “Completed Electronics and Communications Engineering Undergraduate Program”.



As part of the Continual Improvement of the Quality of Education Project (EKSIP in Turkish), which was held in 2003, the curriculum has been updated and constructed as USIS 2003 System. The system had another update in 2010 and USIS 2010 System has been built according to the objectives and outputs of our undergraduate program.